welcome to my studio!


My Background

Welcome to my Studio!.....Its always messy but that's a good thing.....its a working studio!

My images reflect an inner buoyancy and progressive optimism.  I love color and I feel energized when surrounded by a vast language of spectrums.

Abstract painting is not something I wanted to try on....it is way beyond that. It is a part of who I am, a part of my personality, my nature.

My earlier works of art were developed at Stout-McCourt Gallery, located in the

avant-garde, bohemian music and arts district known as " Deep Ellum " in Dallas, Texas. 

My studio was located above the Stout-McCourt Gallery  from the late 1980's until 1993, when I moved to New Mexico.

As New Mexico does.......it attracts artists due to the unique light.  Sometimes, its late in the afternoon - its a sienna, retro-filter casting a hue of shadow on the mountains...sometimes its a warm, highlighter of golden light dancing through the desert, sometimes its the sunrise, sometimes its the sunset.

Throughout my journeys, I love the freedom, mystery and expressions of abstract works 

of art......as it comes from the soul, with its own language, its own way of life, individualistic and captured, archived upon its vessel.




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My Medium

 In addition to my large, acrylic paintings, I love painting surfboards - a new avenue for me that I am pursuing after I was commissioned to paint a surfboard in Costa Rica, at Che Boards in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.


During the early 2000's, some of my images were published on hand-tufted rugs sold through national markets in the U.S. through Foreign Accents Rugs, here in Albuquerque, NM.

My paintings have been represented  & sold in galleries in Palm Springs, Ca, Dallas, Texas, Eureka Springs and Jonesboro, Arkansas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Scottsdale, Arizona and I am currently represented by Gallery 166, Vail, Colorado.


My Inspiration

 I am a native of the Southwest Oregon Redwood/Coastal region. 

I  grew up playing in the Redwoods & on the beaches knowing, feeling &  respecting the physical giant, rugged power, beauty & freedom of the Pacific NorthWest coast; 

later knowing & understanding -the straight forward- infinite landscapes of the Texas Panhandle and the surround-sound of the enchanted, spiritual environment of New Mexico, 

my website......

My website is an informational based website & I am seeking gallery representation. However I do not sell my work on-line.

I wish the best to each of you, each and every day! 



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